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Dagens bilde – Love padlocks on Västerbron, Stockholm, Sweden

Dagens bilde – Stadshuset

City Hall in Stockholm has a 106 metre high tower with great views (open summer only). Despite its appearance, Stadshuset is quite modern – it opened in 1923 – but it was based on the city hall of Siena in Italy which resulted in the Renaissance look. Atop the tower you can see three gold […]

Dagens bilde – Leilighet til Mikael Blomkvist

Bellmansgatan 1 is the locations for Mikael Blomkvist’s apartment in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. It’s a beautiful neighbourhood (Mariaberget Hill in Söder) and a very popular spot for Dragon Tattoo fans

Dagens bilde – Vasa

Dagens bilde – Gröna Lund

Dagens bilde – Soloppgang over Stockholm